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Allow Us to (Re)Introduce Ourselves: Discover Bespoke’s Fresh, New Brand!

We’re always ones to look for the silver lining. Positivity is one of our values, after all. So, when the world hit the pause button on in-person meetings and events, we used our new-found time and space to do two things: 1) lead our clients to new, virtual ways of creating meaningful experiences for their customers, partners and supporters, and 2) re-examine our own gifts and strengths as a service provider.

If you’ve worked with Bespoke, you know we start every engagement with a discovery process. It gives us a very clear view of a client’s purpose, strengths and opportunities and, quite frankly, it’s where the magic happens. More often than not, a client comes into the process with a fixed idea about what they might achieve. After working with our team, they leave with a broadened sense of possibility, a clear purpose and focused intention.

We’re firm believers in doing what works (and well aware of the fate befalling the cobbler’s children), so when we set out to peel away the layers of our own business and brand promise, we turned the discovery process on ourselves. No surprise, the result was magic.

After multiple rounds of deep dives with staff and clients about who Bespoke is at our core and what sets us apart, we uncovered our superpower. We are connectors.

This led us to our new brand (positioning) and branding (creative expression), which you see in this refreshed brand and soon, a new website at It’s all anchored in our positioning statement:

The challenges of the past year have transformed how we all live and work. While no one can yet paint a picture of the new normal, we know one thing for sure: never has there been such a strong need to connect.

Driven with positive intentions, we’re excited about what this means for organizations as they look to connect people to the heart of their brands in stronger, more meaningful ways. It’s another powerful silver lining and one full of opportunity and promise for our clients in the months and years ahead.