Ethos Veterinary Health

Rethinking the Traditional Leadership Summit

“They got to know us as individuals and as a company, and were always looking for ways to provide value.”

Suzi M. - Director of Program Management


Massachusetts-based Ethos is a veterinary health organization that provides advanced medical care for pets in hospitals across the U.S. Just months before the leadership summit, Ethos was formed through the merger of four specialty hospital groups based in the Northeast, Chicago, Denver and San Diego. The groups had worked closely together in the past, but now they shared a mission, values and goals as a new entity.

Bespoke Insights

Ethos’ approach to veterinary care focuses on innovation, collaboration, quality, team development and team work. This first leadership summit as Ethos Veterinary Health presented a powerful opportunity to align leaders to the company’s purpose and plans. The summit could also drive next-level teamwork by creating an attendee experience that brought leaders together in new and engaging ways.


Think of a typical industry conference, and images of hotel ballrooms likely come to mind. To shake up the atmosphere and foster connections, Bespoke took Ethos Veterinary Health’s four-day summit out of the ballroom and into a fun, unique loft space in an urban performing arts complex. The combination of banquet seating mixed with comfy couches and chairs infused an intimate TED talk-like feel into the 150-person meeting layout. We added to the attendee experience with unexpected entertainment—including graphic artist-drawn notes of each presenter and interactive dry-erase, whiteboard “Bespoke Squares” that attendees engaged with for questions and notes between sessions.


The unique experience and compelling content of the summit set the tone for a culture of quality and collaboration that would take Ethos and its leadership team forward as a new company. With this strong foundation, the company continues to grow nationally, incubate improved diagnostic and treatment options, advance animal medicine through research and clinical trials, and invest in continuing education and training for its team.