Foundations of Early Literacy

From Contract to Execution in 65 Days

“Early literacy, which DPS defines as reading, writing, speaking and listening, is essential to building a strong foundation for success in school and in life.”

Denver Public Schools’ Early Literacy Plan


Tasked with a new initiative to provide 3,000 teachers with training on early literacy, Denver Public Schools (DPS) needed to bring their massive educational event to life in just 65 days. The event also took place at the same time as a global travel conference in Denver, adding to the challenge of location and lodging.

Bespoke Insights

DPS leaders needed the ability to fully focus on equipping and inspiring their teachers to help young children develop foundational literacy skills without the added challenge of managing such a complex event. Bespoke was uniquely qualified to seamlessly shoulder all the details and logistics through our expertise, relationships and ability to quickly scale up our operations to meet DPS’ needs.


Bespoke used our local knowledge and contacts to source space for the event’s general sessions and 70 breakouts across four of Denver’s largest venues—the Colorado Convention Center, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the University of Denver and the Auraria Campus—while providing ground transportation for attendees, a custom mobile app, speaker procurement, onsite registration and credentials, and comprehensive event branding.


The five-day event showcased professional development for DPS teachers in a new and exciting format. Most importantly, it contributed to a measurable increase in the percentage of DPS students who attained literacy proficiency by the end of third grade.