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Planning Your Live Event in These Changing Times

“The only thing that is constant is change,” said Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher. These words from more than 2,500 years ago could not be more relevant today. This last year has brought about an enormous amount of change and disruption in the live events industry. And the constantly evolving (and varying) event regulations across the country, along with the increasing availability of vaccines, will result in change being the norm for some time.

What does that mean as you’re planning your upcoming event? It means nimbleness, preparedness, and a willingness to scale and flex will be keys to your success. The reality is that any element of your event could shift at any time before your event date. And you need to be prepared to change quickly in response.

For example, we’re currently planning a hybrid fundraising event that will include both an in-person experience and a virtual experience. By the time the event occurs weeks from now, we know many things could be different. The local government may be allowing an even greater number of people to attend in-person at the event venue. Or there could be a localized outbreak that results in increased restrictions. The truth is, we just don’t know – but Bespoke has the relationships and the data to help us all make informed decisions.

We’re planning this event with multiple scenarios in mind, and we are focusing on safety, flexibility and a great attendee experience at each step in the process. We’ve considered how to best use our generous venue space, facilitate in-home gatherings and optimize virtual participation. We’ve estimated for varying attendee numbers in each setting. We’ve even planned for in-person catering and home meal delivery featuring similar menu items for both smaller and larger groups, with good food and safety being the through line for it all. As things continue to change, we’re being nimble and reacting with speed while we also ensure that safety and cleanliness are at the forefront for those in attendance.

Just as important, we’re also making sure to create a full sensory experience for every attendee, no matter whether they will be in-person at the venue or on their computer at home. We’re paying the same attention to detail to the virtual experience as we are to the in-person experience. We’re curating the sights, sounds, tastes, interactions and even tactile experiences for the at-home attendee too. Our goal is to ensure they feel as welcome, engaged and inspired as those at the venue.

As live, virtual and hybrid meetings and events remain in a constant state of flux, it’s more important than ever to approach event planning with the goal of being nimble and responsive. Flexibility, combined with preparedness, allows you to shift the event as things change. The good news is that Bespoke has extensive experience planning and executing events of all sizes and formats, including during the pandemic. And, we’re ready, willing and able to be your nimble partner to bring your meeting or event experience to life.