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Talent Trauma: The ups and downs of working with headline talent

So you are ready to book that big keynote speaker or blow your attendees away with that chart-topping band, but are you ready for the logistics of booking and executing headline talent?

Bespoke has booked and executed programs with everyone from government cabinet officials, and top selling authors to futurists and Grammy winning singers and bands, but educating our clients to the occasionally volatile world of headline talent can be a challenge!

Talent will usually include fulfilling (and often negotiating) both a production/technical rider and a tour/green room rider. These documents will outline all the needs of your talent IN ADDITION TO their appearance fee. This may include specific audio-visual requirements or even special room requirements you will need to know and negotiate before signing your final contract! Do you know the difference between a flown line array and a ground stacked PA? Will you event space accommodate those needs? Bespoke’s team continually invests in professional development to ensure we have line-of-sight on the latest needs and demands for our client’s talent.

Clients will often need to consider air (charter? first-class?) and ground transportation (tour bus parking? limos?)  for artists and their entourages. These team will require specific and timed food and beverage needs and incidentals from the moment they arrive at your destination to their final departure.

Once on-site, you may be excited to work directly with your hired talent, but don’t forget most of your interactions may be with their handlers. Navigating the roles and responsibilities of agents, publicists, tour managers, merchandise coordinators and audio technicians may mean you are responding to and managing the needs of an entire village of people. Our team is well versed in appropriately accommodating the last-minute guests and VIP meet and greets, costuming cleaning requests and luggage vans that are all the norm for headline talent.

The next time you are ready to add a big-name talent to your next meeting or event’s marquee, look for an experienced team ready to set you up for success and make YOU the rock star!