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Thank You, 2020

As 2020 draws to a close and we think back on all that has happened this year, we’re left with a profound sense of gratitude. Yes, there were many things that were extremely difficult for all of us. We don’t minimize this at all. But at Bespoke, we are choosing to focus on the many things we are thankful for this year. 

First, we are extraordinarily thankful for our wonderful clients, partners, colleagues and friends. We are overwhelmed by how much our community has supported us. Our clients have trusted us to tell their stories and bring their brands to life in new, unique ways. Our partners have helped us creatively and flawlessly execute everything from COVID-safe, in-person events, to virtual fundraisers, to social media campaigns. And all of our colleagues and friends have reminded us of the importance of relationships and connection, even if it’s over Zoom.

We’re thankful as well for the lessons we have learned. Our process was tested in new ways this year, and we’re proud to say that it remains tried and true. We learned that our work didn’t change that much, even if the end results looked different. By focusing on a client’s purpose, we were able to consistently deliver experiences that meaningfully connected and engaged people with a client’s brand. We also learned that creativity sometimes flourishes in the most constrained circumstances. COVID restrictions forced us to think outside the box and be truly innovative. 

We’re thankful that 2020 encouraged us to really explore Bespoke as a business too. We examined our strengths and identified new opportunities and areas in which we want to work. We reaffirmed our purpose. And, we took the time to refocus our own brand story and set our goals for the years ahead. We’re excited to share more about this with you in 2021. 

Most of all, we are thankful each day for the opportunity to do what we love. Thank you to everyone who made 2020 a year full of gratitude. Here’s to a happy, healthy, connected and successful 2021!