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The Key to Exceptional Events: Planning with Purpose and Intention

Think back to a business or community event you’ve attended. Perhaps it was a leadership conference, a sales incentive trip, a fundraiser, a professional development conference, a grand opening or a product launch. Then give it a rating. Was it good, great or truly exceptional?

If the event was exceptional, that tells you the planners grounded the experience in purpose and intention. They recognized their job was not just a matter of creating a fun or interesting time or executing all the logistics flawlessly. Rather, they approached the event as an opportunity to give attendees a remarkable experience that reinforced their organization’s brand and values.

Planning with purpose and intention is a cornerstone of Bespoke’s approach, which is why we engage every client in a unique creative session at the start of the planning process. We begin with the big questions: Why are we bringing these people together? What do we want them to take away from the experience? What do we want them to feel, do and say? Not just during the event, but before and after it, too. And, how will we reflect who we are and what we stand for – our brand promise – throughout event? How will we convey our organization’s unique story through an event experience? This process gives us the direction and creative fuel to develop remarkable experiences that bring meaning and impact to the event. Here’s an example.

First Descents is a nonprofit organization that provides life-changing outdoor adventures to young people fighting and surviving cancer and other challenging diseases. For the organization’s annual fundraising ball, Bespoke brought the exhilaration and perspective-changing promise of its “Out Living It” brand to attendees through a speed painter who created a seemingly abstract painting while a gospel choir made its way from the back of the room to the front. To the choir’s moving performance of Rise Up, the artist flipped her painting 180 degrees to reveal a First Descents kayaker having an epic “Out Living It” adventure. By creating anticipation, surprise and delight, and evoking emotion hitting multiple senses, Bespoke and First Descents delivered a high-impact experience for attendees that strengthened their connection to – and support of – the organization and its mission.

Every event is a chance to build your organization’s brand, create loyalty and drive lasting impact. An event planned with purpose and intention will deliver on this promise and more.


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