Why Bespoke

When organizations put purpose and people first,
real connection follows. 

At Bespoke, we’ve built our reputation creating experiences that reach people in unique, memorable and meaningful ways. And we do it to build loyalty, inspire action and drive results.

Creativity is infused into everything we do. But we don’t just deliver big ideas. We start with purpose and intention. Then we invest heavily in understanding the people who matter to you.

It’s creativity driven by purpose and intention. That’s why it works.

When You Work With Bespoke, You Will:

  • Get clarity about your brand’s story, who you want to connect to it, what you want them to feel and why.
  • Become confident that your key audiences are experiencing your brand and engaging with your content in meaningful ways that drive loyalty, fuel business growth and provide ROI.
  • Build deeper connections with your customers and other key stakeholders.
  • Gain bandwidth and the complete release of worry that the details are being handled.
  • Get big ideas that drive the behavior and the results you want.

Meet the Bespoke Team

These are the people who are deeply dedicated to your success. We ask the hard questions. We’ll hold your feet to the fire on strategy. We’ll bring you the big ideas and take care of the smallest details. We take your business (not ourselves) seriously. Impromptu office dance parties are our jam.

Justin Ball

President and Founder

CEO, CMP, ENTJ. Big idea creative. Excel budget guru. Lover of live events and industry supporter. Hospitalitarian at heart. Fountain pen and ink collector. Husband and dog dad. Wanderlust seeker. Music lover. Impromptu dance party starter.
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Josi Carlson

Senior Program Manager

Client confidant and stylist. Proud rescue dog mom. Dark chocolate, coffee and salt, please! Avid reader. Podcast listener. Reality tv watcher. Passport stamp collector.
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Alondra Carlos-Ferrales


Whimsical creative. Creative arts and music lover. Nintendo fanatic. Crystal collector. Amateur baker. Casual painter. True crime buff.
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Chelsea Dale

Program Manager

Event guru. Iced coffee and toffee/caramel. World traveler. Sous Chef for the wife. Former professional basketball player. California raised, but Coloradan at heart. Mountain and ocean lover. Adventure seeker.
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Eric Deffenbaugh


Head tech guy and in-house consultant. Amateur chef. Wine aficionado. Visitor to every continent except Antarctica. Cultural explorer through food and stories.
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Kristen DePaepe

Program Manager

Organized, efficient and punctual. Proud wife and mom to two girls and two pups. Love all things travel, particularly southeast Asia. Could live on cheese and wine.
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Vanessa Ortiz

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Scheduling Queen. Chocaholic. Gardening goddess. Amateur chef. Bourbon drinker. Coffee addict. Adventure seeker! Bespoke’s lead bartender.
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Will Riegel

Finance & Operations Manager

Expense wrangler. Playlist curator. Excel enthusiast. Aspiring golfer. James Bond devotee.
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Pablo Zacarias

Program Manager

Meeting virtuoso. Ultimate optimist. Dog dad. Amateur Botanist. Yogi. Fried chicken connoisseur. Dances better than Tony Danza. Lover of live music. Will take a beach vacation anytime.
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Want to join the team? Bespoke is currently accepting applications from candidates who want to join our dynamic team as a contract Travel Director.
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Meet The Extended Bespoke Family

Bespoke partners with experienced professionals across all backgrounds to bring your program to life! Our seasoned team of on-site travel directors, registration and technology gurus, social media mavens and production masters make it all come together. You might be working with them for a reason, a season, or a lifetime – but at Bespoke, their expertise makes magic happen while representing our values and our work.

Lisa Campbell Bailey
Jeannine Foley
Chris Grissom
Annie Harrison
Sonja Hunter

Brianna Kendrick
Charlene Khoury
Caroline McCormick
Pam Nichols

Bobby Potrykus
Carol Quinlan
Wil Quinn
Simone Ross

Kelly O’Brien Shank
Tracy Soukup
Cynthia Steeble
Amy Taylor
Lee Texier

Grow Your Career and Join Our Team

Bespoke is currently accepting applications from candidates who want to join our dynamic team. To explore these opportunities, view the job descriptions below. To apply, send your cover letter and resume to careers@bespokeconnects.com.

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