Colorado Nonprofit Association - Fall Conference

Using Tech Tools with Intention

“I loved working with Bespoke. Together we were able to take something that was good and make it exceptional.”

BillieAnne K. - Major Events Manager


Colorado Nonprofit Association (CNA) partners with local nonprofits to educate and inform members on new ideas, best practices and pressing public policies so they can achieve greater impact on Colorado communities. For more than two decades, CNA has hosted a fall conference and exhibition for current and prospective members.

Bespoke Insights

Bespoke’s discovery process revealed that, although CNA had a long history of successful conferences, the event had not evolved to take advantage of technology and social media as tools. CNA could drive participant engagement and organizational growth by moving from a mindset of “this is how we always do it” to one of purpose-led transformation.


The event used a wide range of Bespoke services that included: bringing the conference brand to life with new graphics, signage and environments; elevating the attendee experience with a customized mobile app; developing a customized, easy-to-use registration process that enabled attendees to navigate more than 120 breakout sessions over two days; partnering with the association’s public relations team to create a social media strategy and hashtag that trended regionally; and engaging attendees with our “Bespoke Squares,” which are small whiteboards in common areas for self-expression, observations, kudos and more.


The new experience left nonprofit professionals feeling valued, recharged and more closely connected to CNA, the larger nonprofit community and their shared purpose to make a difference in Colorado.