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Tailored for What You Need Now

Hello to all of Bespoke’s friends, family, clients and colleagues around the world!

We hope you and yours are safe, healthy and resilient during this season of change.

While the team at Bespoke is connected and working from our homes, we are open and thrilled to continue to serve our growing list of clients in new ways.

As most of you know, Bespoke is a Queen’s English word meaning made to individual order, or custom made. Our company is built upon a foundation of values that are woven into all we do. We help our clients tell their brand stories through purpose and intention, while curating solutions for your current needs in an ever-changing marketplace. In short, Bespoke is tailored for what you need now.

While we are known for our award-winning in-person programs, we continue to leverage our years of successful experience in live streaming, virtual meetings and innovative digital training seminars. We know that many of you, like Bespoke, have invested significantly in telling your brand story through placemaking and your experiential work together. As we evolve the way we work, we must continue to let our brand stories engage all our senses to let our values shine through in new ways. Keep your eyes open in the days ahead as Bespoke shows up in new experiential ways for you and your organization!

We look forward to sitting face-to-face with each of you soon (in person or online) and basking in the glow of warm hospitality. In the meantime, look for more to come from us and don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re living our best lives on Zoom, hoping no one notices our DIY haircuts.

In partnership,

Justin Ball